First on CNN: White House Explores Emergency Diesel Reserve Utilization to Ease Price Rise

Diesel is a vital fuel for the American economy, providing not only power for agricultural and construction equipment, but also trucks, trains, and boats that move goods across the country. Extremely high diesel prices are likely to pass on to families, contributing to America’s worst inflation crisis in four decades. Diesel stocks in the Northeast … Read more

Stock futures rise to recover from the edge of a bear market

US stock futures were higher on Monday morning, with stocks breaking out of a seven-week losing streak on a more solid footing as investors ditched some recent volatility and digested fresh trade-related notes from the Biden administration. Contracts on the S&P 500 gained more than 1% in early trading. The index closed the Friday session … Read more

4 Little-Known Ways to Increase Your Social Security Benefits | personal financing

(Katie Brockman) Building a nest egg large enough for retirement is becoming more and more difficult, which means that many retirees will rely heavily on Social Security as a source of income. And while Social Security benefits were never intended to suffice as a retiree’s sole source of income, that doesn’t mean you can’t get … Read more

Vinay Singhal loses 300 krona for start-up and construction

Started by Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vishav and Praveen Singhal in 2014, viral content website WittyFeed was India’s answer to American company BuzzFeed. in interaction with your storyVinay revealed that by the end of 2016, the site had registered 120 million Unique users per month. Additionally, it generated 420 million page views and 2.5 billion impressions. … Read more

Biden launches Indo-Pacific trade deal, warns of inflation

TOKYO (AFP) – President Joe Biden on Monday launched a new trade deal with 12 Indo-Pacific nations aimed at boosting their economies as he warned Americans worried about rising inflation that it “will be a burden” before they can get comfortable. The president said he doesn’t think recession is inevitable in the United States Biden, … Read more

At ET India Inc Boardroom 2022, industry leaders and experts discuss how Indian startups can navigate a challenging market

The Indian startup ecosystem, which saw a record number of new unicorn additions in 2021, recently saw the birth of 100 unicorns, after neobank Open closed a $50 million funding round led. With over 60,000 startups recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), around 14,000 of which were recognized in … Read more

The main cause of inflation may have reached its peak; This is good news for consumers but bad news for trucking companies

Note these factual stats: Spot truckload rates have fallen by about a third since the beginning of the year, while truckload contract rates are up. The difference between truckload and contract rates is close to an all-time high. Spot rates always lead contract rates, usually by around three months. Shippers (companies that buy trucking capacity … Read more

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