In Cannes ‘Holy Spider’, a serial killer kills prostitutes in Iran – and the country supports him

a serial killer Roaming the streets at night, he picks up desperate wretched women, many hooked on crack, and strangles them to death in his house. A young journalist, (of course) feisty and emotionally invested in the case, sets out to track down the killer, who has become known as the Spider Killer: their fates … Read more

Includes Disney + John Krasinki and Emily Blunt Fantastic Four Movie Art . Poll

Since Disney bought 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios’ take on the Fantastic Four It was at the top of many fans’ wish lists in the MCU. Fan castings – most of which include John Krasinki and Emily Blunt – have given the community a taste of what could come in this next iteration of the … Read more

Chris Rock Jokes About Johnny Depp’s Prosecution During Last London Show: ‘Believe All Women Except Amber Heard’

Amidst Johnny Depp’s ongoing defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, comedian Chris Rock has taken roasting an Aquaman actress as part of his preventative routine. Source: Chris Rock: Tamborine (2018), Netflix Related: After Amber Heard fires her PR team, Johnny Depp’s bodyguard claims we heard him punch the actor in the face During a … Read more

Ron Howard Thirteen Lives Pivots to MGM, Prime Video Hybrid Release

Ron HowardDrama torn from the headlines”thirteen livesTo August, with the film releasing globally on Amazon Prime video Soon after a limited theatrical release. Produced and directed by Ron Howard, the film follows the 2018 rescue mission of a Thai soccer team and their coach who are trapped in a flooded underground cave system. The film’s … Read more

Nobody makes movies like Alex Garland. But he might stop making it.

Alex Garland He knows that naming his new movie “Men” is a provocative act. “It is interesting that such a short and simple word can have huge and wholly subjective meanings,” he said. As a writer and director, Garland gravitates to topics that demand discussion: in the twisted tale of a robot”ex machine(2015) The science … Read more

Attack of the 20th Anniversary of the Clones: A Life-Changing Milestone

A crop of Drew Strozan’s poster for Attack of the clones.picture: Lucas Film My life changed drastically the first day I saw it clone attack. It was the first day the movie opened, May 16, 2002, and I was up for a long time. The day before, May 15, I spent more than 12 hours … Read more

The deleted opening scene of Doctor Strange 2 featuring Wanda has been revealed

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness In the wild, the With her, all her sexy secrets. The multi-purpose adventure Benedict Cumberbatch featured Stephen Strange going head-to-head with the Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen, as Strange attempted to protect the newcomer. America Chavez (played by Zochitel Gomez). The multiverse of madness It has received fairly positive … Read more