Chernobyl engineer reveals how he witnessed an accident at the factory four years before the disaster

An engineer who worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant revealed how he witnessed a major accident four years before the disaster in 1986. Nikolai Steinberg was among the Ukrainian engineers who built the plant near the Soviet city of Pripyat, and was head of the turbine in the summer of 1982 when a serious … Read more

The NMSU professor has an alternative theory of planet formation

By Minerva Bowman, Media Relations Officer, NMSU News Team Astronomers cannot go back in time to observe how the solar system formed, but they can observe the planets forming now and use computer simulations to help them better understand the process. The New Mexico State University astronomy professor is part of a team of scientists … Read more

Develop the next generation of superconducting cables

Image of the conductor on round core cables developed by researchers at the Center for Advanced Power Systems and Advanced Conductor Technologies. Credit: Advanced Connector Technologies Researchers at Florida State University’s Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS), in collaboration with Colorado-based Advanced Conductor Technologies, have demonstrated a new, ready-to-use superconducting cable system — an improvement … Read more

A student at Santa Teresa High School heading to Harvard

LAS CRUCES – The graduating student from Santa Teresa High School is scheduled to enroll at the University of the Ivy League this fall. Paloma del Valle, 18, was accepted into three Ivy League schools — Cornell, Yale and Harvard — and said it was a tough choice between them. After visiting the East Coast … Read more

Restrictions on renewables ‘will keep UK energy bills high this winter’ | Renewable energy

Consumers will face higher energy bills than necessary next winter due to the government’s decision to limit the generation of new renewable energy, which the renewable energy industry has described as a “missed opportunity”, and “outdated thinking” by a green campaign group. The ministers decided to approve contracts for about 12 gigawatts of new renewable … Read more

What’s up with the mass of the W boson?

Duke University physics professor Ashutosh Kotwal often asks his students to work through problem sets independently before consulting with classmates. “If you discuss a lot with each other from the start, you may end up reproducing someone else’s ideas,” he says. “Capture your best shot and see how far you can go. Once you reach … Read more

Understanding the biological causes and cell types that lead to one of the major causes of irreversible blindness worldwide can benefit patients’ treatment

Ait Sejri, PhD, presented her work trying to understand the biological causes and cell types that lead to one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide, primary open-angle glaucoma, during ARVO’s 2022 annual meeting, held in Denver, Colorado. This text has been slightly edited for clarity. I have submitted work to try to understand … Read more

Chaotic early phase of the solar system

The team analyzed one of the iron meteorite samples. Credit: Aurelia Meister Before the Earth and other planets formed, the young Sun was still surrounded by cosmic dust and gas. Over thousands of years, rock fragments of various sizes of dust have formed. Many of these became building blocks for later planets. Others did not … Read more