100 scientists urge UN to drop SDGs after ‘failure’

It’s time for the United Nations to abandon its current model of addressing world crises, according to a message from 100 scientists, educators and experts, shared exclusively with independent. Experts are calling for the United Nations to abandon the “Sustainable Development Goals” – a set of 17 goals adopted in 2015 to tackle global social … Read more

A year on the Thames, part 1 with pictures | UK news

aAfter my initial delight at receiving an email from work proposing a year-long project to photograph the Thames, from its source to the sea, I wondered if I had been given this project to cheer me up. It was a difficult eight months: a tragic loss of a sibling, a loss of parents, precarious financial … Read more

Renewables are still ‘cheap’ despite supply chain chaos

With the energy transition in full swing, new energy research provider BloombergNEF appreciates Global transformation will require about $173 trillion In energy supply and infrastructure investment over the next three decades, renewable energy is expected to provide 85% of our energy needs by 2050. BNEF predicts that by 2030, lithium and nickel consumption by the … Read more

A deadly thunderstorm complex cuts power to nearly a million people in Canada

Placeholder while loading article actions A streak of violent thunderstorms hit Canada’s most populous corridor on Saturday, killing at least five people and cutting power to nearly a million people. The storms carved a path of destruction from southern Ontario to southeastern Quebec, passing near or directly through three of Canada’s four largest cities: Toronto, … Read more

State environmental staff pre-authorize power line prior to postponed board meeting

Employees at Maine’s largest environmental agency disagree with opponents of the Central Maine Power transmission line project who have argued that permission to build the project should not be granted. A long-awaited meeting to review applications for conditional permits to build a $1 billion New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) power line was unexpectedly postponed … Read more

Gas is a dangerous distraction for Africa | climate crisis

At the beginning of this century, when much of the developed world woke up to the dangers of smoking, big tobacco turned to Africa To search for new profits. To this day, in my country, Uganda, many foreign tobacco companies work to undermine Regulations Designed To Protect People From Industry – Even Them Marketing cigarettes … Read more

Two newly discovered species of Amazon fish are facing extinction

Two Amazonian fish species are at risk of extinction due to deforestation, although they have only just been discovered. In a new study, scientists describe two new fish — one with stunning orange-red fins and the other so small that it’s officially considered “miniature.” Both species inhabit the waters of the Amazon rainforest about 25 … Read more