Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market Valued At $1.61 Billion By 2029

Exact Market Research Pvt. Ltd. Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market by Product (Kits and Reagents, System and Software), Technology (PCR, Microarray, DNA Sequencing), Animal Type (Companion, Livestock), Application (Infectious Diseases, Genetics), End User (Hospital, Clinical Laboratory) ) – Forecasts to 2029 Redding, CA, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – According to a new market research report, … Read more

Scientists devise a new way to change the genes of cockroaches

Researchers have developed a new way to make changes to the genes of insects called cockroaches. The scientists said the method could be an important step. They said it could help remove barriers to searching for, altering, or modifying genes for all kinds of insects. The technology used in the new method is called CRISPR/Cas-9. … Read more

A simple saliva test for breast cancer could save thousands of under-50s

A saliva test that identifies nearly half of women with breast cancer in the next decade could save the lives of thousands under 50. The test was promoted by TV presenter Julia Bradbury, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 51, and new research has been hailed as “promising” by Health Minister Sajid Javid. … Read more

What are “green prescriptions” the new treatment for lifestyle, genetic and chronic diseases?

Spend some time in the wild. Walking on the hills. Try bathing in the woods. Raft in calm waters. Try your hand at healing gardening… This all sounds like friendly advice from a friend who cares about your health but is actually what a standard prescription from a doctor might look like in the future. … Read more

Vaccinia MacGyvers virus temporary tool for

Photo: Paula Trachtman, PhD, dean of the Graduate School of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and Conor Templeton, PhD. In the Traktman Lab. Traktman and Templeton are co-authors of the Journal of Virology paper. Opinion more Credit: Medical University of South Carolina. Sarah Buck’s photo. Rather than relying on cell repair mechanisms, the … Read more

Researchers identify fir skin

image: They have demonstrated that this part of plants – the outer part – can absorb up to 90% of harmful sunlight that is converted into heat. Opinion more Credit: University of Malaga The epidermis – the outer part of the plant, which acts as an interface between the plant and the environment – is … Read more

The grunt and long tail don’t go well together

Long tails can only be maintained when SINS are not found at the farm level. Long tails can only be maintained in farms that do not suffer from necrosis (ear or tail), a phenomenon also known as SINS. This conclusion can be drawn with the knowledge currently available. Officially, docking is not allowed in the … Read more

Researchers identify 10 new hearing loss genes

A multinational team of scientists performed a genome-wide association meta-analysis of clinically diagnosed and self-reported hearing loss on 723,266 individuals and identified 48 significant genes, 10 of which are new to science. Their findings cast doubt on the understanding that age-related hearing loss arises primarily from sensory hair cells. They argue that the stria vascularis, … Read more

Highlighting four posters from the 2022 Innate Genetics Conference

The 2022 Fungal Genetics Conference was held earlier this year and two PhD students from the laboratory of Vera Meyer, one of the Editors-General of Fungal Biology and Biotechnology attended, and selected the 4 best posters from the conference. We provide a brief overview of these researchers and their research. Claudia Petroc I am a … Read more