Pulsars may provide cosmic rays with the highest energies known in the universe

The stormy, chaotic remnants surrounding recently exploded stars may be releasing the fastest particles in the universe. Highly magnetic neutron stars known as pulsars excite fast and strong magnetic winds. Astrophysics reported on April 28 that when charged particles, especially electrons, get stuck in those turbulent conditions, they can be boosted to extreme energies. Astrophysical … Read more

The evolution of climate modeling discussed at the European Space Agency’s Living Planet Symposium

Supported content: Two sessions dedicated to the work of the dual model comparison project will be held at this event in Bonn In 1995, the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) launched a modeling project that later became an important resource for international entities around the world: the Conjugate Model Intercomparison Project, or CMIP. Today, CMIP … Read more

The Decadal Planetary Survey points beyond Mars to the outer solar system in search of ice giants and icy moons.

Mars was on the rise the last time the planetary scientific community came together for a decadal review. NASA has made several trips to Mars and is currently working on its most ambitious rover, Curiosity. The Decadal Survey supported the continuation of the Mars exploration approach by supporting the sample collection mission as a first … Read more

Planetquest and Immutable X launch world’s first NFT Planet sale

In a radically different approach to approaching NFT selling, PlanetQuest has just launched a community friendly Planet Sale. Powered by Hollywood and gaming talent, major investors, and a community of over 215,000 explorers, Cinematic Multiverse and Blockchain pioneers an all-new sales approach that promises to eliminate gas wars, frustrations, and front-end bots, while ensuring that … Read more

Can the suitcase save the planet? maybe you can

How do we control global warming? Difficult question faced by mankind! Could vegan leather be one of the answers? Can? A luxurious material like leather finds itself at the forefront and center of the world’s most expensive brands and exclusive products. She has had a controversial history in the fashion industry. Sure, we love showing … Read more

The Red Nation takes us to the Red Planet

Apple TV + released a new trailer for season 3 of for all mankind, shows an alternate history that imagines what would happen to the planet if the Soviet Union reached the moon before the United States. Set to premiere next month, the next season will take us to an alternate version of the ’90s, … Read more

Introducing KyotoProtocol.io. How to help save the planet and make money

KyotoProtocol.io is the world’s first multi-layer decentralized carbon credit protocol. Our technology is improving the slow and outdated carbon credit industry by implementing a suite of solutions that use smart contracts on a completely transparent and secure blockchain ledger. Creating the ultimate standard for the carbon credit industry. Our mission is to make the carbon … Read more