Physics-inspired simulation predicts waves in four countries

As a physicist, I’ve been trained to look for patterns in data. For example, the movement of the smallest particles may appear random, but they contain patterns and symmetries. The same can be said about human movements and interactions. Most humans move to and between familiar places (home and work, for example), and may encounter … Read more

The researchers found that defects provide protection for system symmetry

The international research team used this acoustic network model to explore how intentional defects can protect system symmetry. Credit: Guancong Ma / Hong Kong Baptist University An international research collaboration has discovered how to exploit certain flaws to protect confined power in audio systems. Their experimental approach provides a versatile platform for creating imperfections at … Read more

India can turn to its past for the responsibility of quantum computing

The pioneering mathematical innovations in this field were carried out by the genius mathematician of the twentieth century, Srinivasa Ramanujan. He made great advances in mathematics that paved the way for countless innovations in cryptography. His works became the bedrock of many developments in the fields of modern mathematics and computer. As Western countries and … Read more

A new theory promises to reshape the way we think about polymer superstructures

In a double thyroid, two substances (pictured here in red and blue) completely overlap. Credit: Reddy’s Al. , Nature Communications (2022) Polymer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently reported in the journal Nature Communications They have solved an ancient mystery surrounding the nanoscale structure, which is made up of groups of molecules called … Read more

Shaping the photoreceptor through reconfigurable surfaces

(i) an image of the fabricated sample mounted on a ceramic wafer holder, (II) a false-color tilted SEM image of the metaswitch comprising the micro-heater and phase-change surface, and (iii) a magnified bird’s-eye view of the meta-atom array. (IV) False-color tilted SEM image of the epitope comprising the micro-heater and phase-change surface at 50 μm. … Read more

Quantum magnets in motion

Kardar-Parisi-Zhang’s universality combines classic everyday phenomena such as coffee spots with quantum mechanical spin chains in a surprising way. Credit: Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics The behavior of microscopic quantum magnets has long been a topic taught in lectures in theoretical physics. However, investigating the dynamics of systems far from equilibrium and watching them … Read more

High-energy neutrinos may come from black holes tearing stars apart

When a star gets too close to a black hole, sparks fly. Subatomic particles called neutrinos are also likely to do so. Dramatic light shows the results when a supermassive black hole shreds a stray star. Now for the second time High-energy neutrino detected that may be caused by one of these “tidal turbulence events,” … Read more