Other rookies: Romeo Dobbs and Samori Toure transition from pre-drills to fellow Packers – Green Bay Packers Blog

Green Bay, Wes. – Romeo Dobbs And Samori Tori He never thought they’d end up with the same NFL team. And when the Green Bay Packers drafted Doubs, the receiver from Nevada, in the fourth round, Torey had written off any possibility of him joining his unofficial coaching partner. After all, the beams have already … Read more

Justin Fields’ latest interview shows how much Nagy has influenced him

If someone were referring to where Matt Nagy eventually fired himself last season, most would say he handled the Justin Fields situation. Everything about it, from start to finish, smells like someone who claimed they had a plan but didn’t. Previous Chicago Bears The coach insisted from the start that he intended to sit in … Read more

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Eagles news: Jeffrey Lowry is reported to have stepped back and unleashed Howie Rosman

Let’s get to Philadelphia Eagles links… SOURCES: Howie Roseman has taken almost complete control of the Eagles’ decisions. It is on a roll. – inquirerSixteen months ago, I wrote this about Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman: “…Let King Howie rule. Give him a free, terrible hand. Underestimate his ‘advisers.’ Give hobbyist Scout information, let the … Read more

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Why comparing the 2022 season to the 2022 season doesn’t make sense

I keep hearing about the dream team. I still see the Eagles’ 2022 takeovers compared to the disastrous 2011 batch of mismatched big-money parts that Vince Young called Lehigh’s “dream team” nearly 11 years ago. As far as vultures’ unfortunate quotes go, Young,”Awww, dream team! “there’s right with”What for” And “I had to choose the … Read more

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San Francisco 49ers 2022 Predictions & Timeline

Too early to predict. Mid-May is basically no-man’s-land in the NFL off-season. Small rookie camps are packed, OTAs haven’t started in the field, and we’re still a long way from any mandatory off-season work. The draft has been completed. The free agency is mostly finished, now the guessing games begin. That’s all pre-speculation, really. They … Read more

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to join ESPN and Tom Brady’s Fox

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman New ‘Monday Night Football’ announcers on ESPN After more than two decades together at Fox Sports, we are fully aware of the free agency craze they have been a part of lately and have influenced their successors at Fox. The Post, who was not a passive observer of this trip, … Read more

Jaguar hired Ethan F from the 49ers as an assistant to General Motors

In a move that has been anticipated since last month, the Jacksonville Jaguars have officially appointed San Francisco 49ers Vice President to Staff Players Ethan Wu as the team’s assistant general manager. In this off-season, Waugh was promoted from director of scouting and football systems to his departing title with the 49ers, so the role … Read more

Doubs competes under Watson

There’s no doubt about it, Christian Watson is the darling of the Green Bay Packers 2022 project. Round two grabs most of the media and fan attention. Green and Gold believers desperately want him to be the latest heir to a legacy of great receivers that include Sterling Sharp, Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, … Read more

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Three times the Steelers have won (and surely shouldn’t have)

I am writing this article in honor of Pittsburgh Pirates unlikely to win Sunday afternoon on the Cincinnati Reds, a game they scored zero He hits and still – somehow – won. They did so by cruising their way to a rule-filled position at the bottom of the eighth place where KeBryan Hayes provided the … Read more

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