How to add a MetaMask wallet to iPhone or Android

Irina Budanova / MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that you can download to your phone for free. Once installed, you can connect MetaMask to all types of files DeFi Apps (dAppsEasily send and receive cryptocurrency. The MetaMask mobile wallet is very useful with tokens and applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. can be … Read more

Recipients of the $500 per month cash assistance program in Chicago to be determined this month – NBC Chicago

5,000 low-income families in Chicago will soon find out if they are selected for monthly assistance from the Chicago Resilience Community Pilot, a $500 per month cash assistance program for twelve months intended to benefit individuals and families facing economic hardship caused by COVID. Applications are open for the $31.5 million 3-week program, starting April … Read more

AI reveals basic calculations to search for exoplanets

This artist’s concept depicts a planetary system. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms trained on real astronomical observations now outperform astronomers at sifting through massive amounts of data to find new supernovae, identify new types of galaxies and discover massive star mergers, accelerating the rate of new discoveries in the oldest world. Science. But artificial … Read more

How to get more security from Android Messages

Written by Jack Wallen, Contributing writer Jack Wallen is a contributing writer Jack Wallen is what happens when a General Elixir’s mind confuses with the grunt of the day. Jack is a truth-seeker and word writer with a quantum mechanical pencil and a disjointed pulse of voice and soul. Full CV Nothing is 100% safe. … Read more

Apple’s global developer conference kicks off June 6 with a keynote

May 24, 2022 Update Apple’s global developer conference kicks off June 6 with a keynote The WWDC22 Program is now available, featuring a full list of events, all online and free to over 30 million Apple developers worldwide. Apple today revealed its annual Worldwide Developers Conference lineup, including the State of the Union keynote and … Read more

Wall Street falls as economic data and weak outlook reignite slowdown fears

Snap is set for its worst day ever after a profit warning Abercrombie & Fitch stagnates after cutting revenue forecasts Indices down: Dow 0.85%, Standard & Poor’s 1.70%, Nasdaq 2.82% May 24 (Reuters) – Wall Street’s main indexes fell on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq tech index leading the slump, as economic data and the company’s … Read more

The internet pays tribute to the man who made his boss ‘useless’ out of the job

Any unscrupulous bosses should be afraid redditsr forum / MaliciousCompliance. Filled with stories of employees taking revenge on exploitative managers, the subreddit is a warning to never take your team for granted. For example, the former receptionist, who took revenge on her boss by using him notes afterwards. or this hash factorwhose hypocritical supervisor had … Read more