Akamai releases first dynamically internet-fed NFT artwork

Multidisciplinary artist R. Luke DuBois forges trillions of bytes of Akamai data in “Portrait of Life Online” available for auction May 11, 2022 Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKAM), the cloud company that supports and protects life on the Internet, today unveiled the first non-moldable token artwork (NFT) that has been dynamically designed by the Internet. Based … Read more

Upcoming IoT Analytics Market Trends, Segmented by Type, Application, End User, and Region – Amazon, Cisco, Google, Greenwave, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, IBM

New Jersey, United States – Mr. Accuracy Reports Publish a new research on Global Internet of Things Analytics Covers micro-level analysis by competitors and key business sectors (2022-2029). Global Internet of Things Analytics explores a comprehensive study of various sectors such as opportunities, scale, development, innovation, sales, and overall growth of key players. The research … Read more

My online favorites

The internet has given us a lot over the past few decades, good and bad, but for me personally it has become the vessel through which I have consumed some of the greatest and dumbest things ever made by human hands. This list is all about celebrating these things. For your entertainment, I’ve compiled a … Read more

Internet slams “Boss” for not talking to an employee who quit

Shared post on popular reddit The Antiwork forum sparked a conversation among commentators about how employees are treated after they quit their jobs. Redditor wrote u/elgueroguapo at their posts They received 12,000 votes, were offered a new job with a higher salary, but their boss started giving them the cold shoulder after they resigned. Readers … Read more

The internet is about people’s fear of edible weeds

Members of a popular online forum laughed at a man’s account after he detailed the unexpected consequences of entering his wife’s bag. in viral form reddit Post posted on r/TodayIF**kedUp (stylized as r/tifu), Redditor u/rbrock3509 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said he noticed a package of Sour Patch Kids while retrieving … Read more

Internet Rips Manager to respond to employee resignation by text

Workers leave all the timeNot all employees receive text messages filled with swear words and threats from their former bosses. One text chat Between a restaurant manager and a former kitchen manager Posted on redditThe “Anti-Labour” forum has been voted on nearly 10,000 times. It was posted by a user named LinkovitchChmofsky, who said NEWSWEEK … Read more

GSMA warns that the growth of the Internet value chain will come to a halt unless market problems are addressed

Double-digit Internet value chain growth is at risk if infrastructure investors cannot generate meaningful returns LondonAnd May 15 2022 /CNW/ — A new GSMA report warns that market imbalances between network operators and online service providers could jeopardize global growth prospects across multiple sectors of the internet-based economy. The report urges policy makers to consider … Read more