Eating a Big Mac every day is honestly a good thing

Donald Gorske on the throne of the Big Macpicture: Guinness World Records Some people are destined for greatness. Some become scholars. Some mediation of peace treaties to save the world. Some have eaten a Big Mac for lunch every day for 50 years in a row. I am referring, of course, to Donald Gorsky, the … Read more

Melanie Linsky on candy and yellow jackets

An exceptional year for Melanie Lenski, and she deservedly so. Over the past few months, the actor has starred in the Oscar-nominated film do not search The Showtime Breakout Series yellow jackets, which won the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama. Of course, these two are just a gem in a career … Read more

Attack of the 20th Anniversary of the Clones: A Life-Changing Milestone

A crop of Drew Strozan’s poster for Attack of the clones.picture: Lucas Film My life changed drastically the first day I saw it clone attack. It was the first day the movie opened, May 16, 2002, and I was up for a long time. The day before, May 15, I spent more than 12 hours … Read more